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Eino Syvänen - small blade

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Eino Syvänen - small blade
Eino Syvänen - small blade
Eino Syvänen - small blade
Eino Syvänen - small blade
Eino Syvänen - small blade
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Knifesmith Eino Syvänen from Kauhava

Blood groove, embroideries, hand-made shaped small blade.

Today, rare finds from past decades.

We received a small batch of these blades and have investigated their history and origin.

Kauhava's famous knife makers - brothers Arvo and Eino Syvänen.

Health forced Arvo to change his field and Eino's bread began to shrink when Mora landed in Finland at the end of the fifties. The workshop doors were closed for good in the early 60s.

These came from a collector's warehouse as a "find" for the use when they were originally made.

Blade length approx. 70mm - height approx. 11mm

Thickness approx. 3.5mm - tapering to the tip approx. 2.2mm

"Salmiakki" form, "blood groove"

Forged-stretched rod approx. 85mm

Acid etched embroidery:

E. Syvänen

The surface has a little patina from time passed, but rust-free, healthy and dent-free blades.

The blade in the picture has been dipped in silver polish and lightly wiped with a soft cloth


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