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High-quality vegetable-tanned imported leather - cowhide.

Excellent - a slightly cheaper option.

Leather is a genuine natural product. Each animal and fur is unique with its patterns.

The pictures are indicative of the colors of the leathers.

The light leather is completely organic vegetable-tanned aniline leather - uniform quality.

The black and brown leather is vegetable tanned, with a semi-aniline surface, meaning the surface of the leather is very lightly pigmented to achieve an even color. However, the natural surface and patterns of the leather are noticeable.


Vegetable tanned, so it takes shape and accepts patterns well.


Vegetable tanning is an old, traditional way of processing hides.

Vegetable tanning is an environmentally friendly way of treating leather, because besides the use of tanning substances obtained from plants and trees (e.g. tannin), additional chemicals are hardly needed.

Leather 1,8 mm 25 cm wide strip EU
1,8 mm leather cut to your desired lenght... 
4,00 €
Leather 2+ mm 25 cm strip EU
2+ mm leather cut to your desired lenght... 
4,00 €
Black 2+ mm half cow skin 12 sqft
120,00 €
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