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Heat treated Böhler N690 stainless steel

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Heat treated Böhler N690 stainless steel
Delivery costs from
4,2 * 25 * 280
24,00 €
4,2 * 50 * 280
39,00 €

Ready-made heat-treated, i.e. hardened to blade hardness and tempered 80 CrV2 carbon steel lath blank.

From this hardened blank to a finished blade with just grinding and shaping.
The material is oven-hardened under industrially controlled conditions and hardened to HRC 59.

Tip: make a sharp cut and split a wide blade on the hammer side of the designed blade, so the hardness of the blade is not affected.

When grinding, remember to use belts in good condition and cooling, so that the emission heat is not exceeded.

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