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Glue for leather

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Glue for leather
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Tre Pini leather glue 75ml - transparent

High-quality, strong glue that attaches leather, textiles and rubber. Can also be used to repair leather cracks.

Contact glue type, the glue cannot be extended or diluted.

Not water soluble

The bonding surface should be clean, dry and dust-free. Roughen very smooth leather a little with sandpaper or a rougher.

Spread a thin layer of glue evenly on both bonding surfaces.

The glue only sticks when it is dry to the touch.

Glue immediately after drying.

Normal at room temperature - allow to dry after application for about 10 - 15 minutes before joining the surfaces.

If the surface is porous or absorbent, a new application of the adhesive may be necessary.

The glue must feel dry before connecting the surfaces. (when trying with a finger, the glue must not stick to the finger)

Press the surfaces precisely together. After pressing, corrections are not possible.

Briefly press the surfaces together strongly.

In order to achieve a strong and long-lasting bonding, the strength of the applied pressure is important, not the duration. If you are attaching a larger surface, press in the middle to avoid air pockets. Press firmly on the sides and edges as well. Depending on the object to be glued, a strong press with a roller or a blow with a rubber hammer is sufficient.

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