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Carving Knife Set

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Carving Knife Set
Carving Knife Set
Carving Knife Set
Carving Knife Set
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A set of twelve carving knives in a convenient fabric storage roll.

A great gift for a woodworking enthusiast, hobbyist or as an incentive to join the hobby.

The series has a really comprehensive variety of carving and carving knives with which you can do many different carving jobs.

The S10 series includes:


Small soap knife C1

Carving knife with 40 mm blade C2

Small notching knife C3

Soap knife C4M

Carving knife with 50 mm blade C5

Notching knife C6

Precision engraving knife C7

Small paring knife C8

Geometric carving knife C10s

Geometric carving knife C11

Knife with bevel C12

Spoon knife SK2

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