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Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener

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Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener
Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener
Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener
Work Sharp Precision Adjust sharpener
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Top-quality WORK SHARP Precision Adjust Sharpener with stepless blade angle adjustment.

Thanks to the quick-locking and reversible V-Block pike jaw holder with a magnet, the sharpening angle remains completely identical on both sides.

American Popular Mechanics magazine test winner! Probably the best knife and knife sharpener. The sharpener won't get any better than this!

" ERÄ magazine recommends:

Easy-to-use, accurate, versatile and efficient sharpener. Extensive and precise sharpening angle adjustment and 180 degree rotating knife holder. Work Sharp Precision Adjust belongs to the nobility of table sharpeners. With a reasonably priced sharpener, even a beginner can get his knives razor-sharp. If stars were to be distributed, five stars would be the minimum!


Ease of use

Adjustable sharpening angle

The possibility of shaping the blade mouth

Also sharpens super steels

After a little practice, even a beginner can get the blades super sharp"


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