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Corby-bolts brass

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Corby-bolts brass
Corby-bolts brass
Corby-bolts brass
Corby-bolts brass
Corby-bolts brass
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Brass Corby screw for attaching and stacking the "cheek pieces" of the knife handle.

Ø 7mm x 26mm (dimensions)

inner Ø 5mm

Color and contrast to the handle and firm assembly with the same screw.

Careful attention must be paid to the depth of drilling of the rivet housings, as enough material must be left to moderately but firmly tighten the handle while having brought the Corby brass rivets to be screwed into contact with each other for perfect locking and holding. A depth drill guide is highly recommended.

After assembly and gluing, the screw heads can be ground and polished to the level of the handle surface.

An easy and all-purpose installation system allows for the installation of handles of all types of fulltang knives.


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