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Chef knife 19cm

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Chef knife 19cm
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A high-quality chef's knife is the most important tool for both professional and home cooks. This medium-sized chef's knife is suitable for many kinds of chopping, because the length of the blade is enough to handle slightly larger ingredients, but it also lends itself to precise work.

The blade is made of a first-class steel alloy that suits its purpose in the best possible way. Thanks to the composition of the steel, it is possible to sharpen the knife again and again to a razor sharp. The knife also does not get dull quickly, but keeps its blade for a long time.

The handle made of processed maple is beautiful, individual and pleasant in the hand. Processed maple is produced using an environmentally friendly, patented method. In the process, the cell structure of the wood changes permanently, which improves the properties of the material and gives it a deep, beautiful tone. The end result is an extremely strong and long-lasting handle that does not contain toxins or chemicals. The advantage of processed maple is also ease of maintenance: the handle does not need to be oiled or impregnated, but usual cleaning is sufficient. Do not put a knife with a wooden handle in the dishwasher, but wash it by hand and then dry it on a clean dish towel.

- Blade length: 19 cm

- Material: processed maple, stainless steel

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