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Loveless bolts - Brass screw - steel bolts

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Loveless bolts - Brass screw - steel bolts
Loveless bolts - Brass screw - steel bolts
Loveless bolts - Brass screw - steel bolts
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This Loveless screw assembly system does not require a hammer.

This screw assembly consists of a Ø4 mm x 40 mm long screw and two Ø7 mm x 6 mm long threaded cylinder nuts.

After drilling the handle plates for the screw, drill the plates again to a diameter slightly smaller than that of the Ø7 mm (0.28in) nuts with a maximum depth of 6 mm (0.24in) to make the housings for the two cylinders. The two cylinder nuts must be held sufficiently to prevent them from turning when screwed on, but not excessively so to avoid any undue stress on the handle inserts.

Screw in one of the cylinders until it comes to rest on the screw head, then engage the assembly on one side of the handle.

Then position the second cylinder on the other side of the handle and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver until it contacts and lock the assembly moderately but firmly.

All that remains is to cut off the screw head on one side and the protruding part of the screw on the other side of the handle, sand and polish the whole assembly for a sturdy and permanent fit.

This practical Loveless assembly system can be used to assemble all types of knife handles up to 40 mm (1.4in) thick.


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