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Liberon Cotton strassle

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Liberon Cotton strassle
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Lint-free cotton strassle.

Liberon cotton twill is thicker and more absorbent than a regular twill. Liberon Puuvillastrasseli is also definitely clean and lint-free - and there are no pieces that scratch the surface.

Cotton twills are especially recommended for applying acoustic paints such as spripets (grain dyes) and solid wax, cleaning/polishing metal or French polishing with shellac.


200g in package

Moisten the cotton block in the spray paint and apply. In French polishing, wrap the tuft of thread into a pillow ball inside the cotton fabric and polish. When applying solid wax to the tressel, you can take a little more wax for application, because when applying with a tressel, the wax should not be spread too much. Polish the applied wax with a clean cotton cloth

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