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Bison Power Adhesive

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Bison Power Adhesive
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Super strong polyurethane-based 2-component glue

15 min working time - one hour pressing time, after which it takes processing.

For very strong and moisture-resistant bonding of metals, wood, ceramics, stone and most plastics to the same or another material. Impact resistant and flexible

Thanks to the 15-minute working time, it is perfectly suitable for gluing a knife in e.g. course / school conditions and can be taken with you after an hour.

65 ml

Dispense strips of equal length from both tubes - mix until the color is uniform.

Working time 15 min

Apply to a clean, dry and grease-free surface - connect the parts. (metal and plastic parts are roughened)

Holds in place for about an hour (with clamps, tape, etc.) Can be handled after one hour (at room temperature)

Full strength after 24 hours


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