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Spoon Carving Knife Set S14

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Spoon Carving Knife Set S14
Spoon Carving Knife Set S14
Spoon Carving Knife Set S14
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The set consists of a universal whittling knife, a spoon (hook) knife, and a long bent gouge. The blades are made of special, forged high-carbon steel that is the principal condition for precise sharpening and excellent cutting properties. These wood carving tools are suitable for various whittling tasks and carving techniques, and due to their unique shape, these knives are very comfortable to use.

Lapp knife:
Overall length: 200 mm
Handle length: 120 mm
Blade length: 80 mm
Blade height: 17 mm

Spoon carving knife:
Overall length: 200 mm
Diameter of blade arch: 30 mm - Widht 16mm
Handle length: 130 mm

Spoon chisel:
Overall length: 285 mm
Blade width: 23 mm - lenght 130mm
Handle length: 150 mm


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