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Brass cap bolster Nut

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Brass cap bolster Nut
Brass cap bolster Nut
Brass cap bolster Nut
Brass cap bolster Nut
Brass cap bolster Nut
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24mm hex nut upper bolster.

Turned embedment Ø 8mm, with a 4mm thread machined into it.

With this you get a nice upper edge and at the same time a locked handle.

All you have to do is machine a 4mm thread into the upper end of the rod to a suitable size and drill an 8mm countersunk hole at the end of the handle.

Brass is quite a soft metal, so this works as the glue's friend.


After assembly, the nut shape can be easily shaped by sanding e.g. into the shape of the Tommi-hela. Nice and a little different when finished just like that.

Nut 24mm - nut height approx. 13.5mm

embedment Ø8mm - length 10mm - inside Ø4mm thread with a depth of 15mm

Total length approx. 23mm

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