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Spoon Carving Knife Set S43 Book

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Spoon Carving Knife Set S43 Book
Spoon Carving Knife Set S43 Book
Spoon Carving Knife Set S43 Book
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In a fine book case, a set of four carving and spoon carving knives as well as a spoon chisel. The set comes with a leather sharpener and a polishing paste.

An excellent gift for woodworking enthusiast, hobbyist or as an incentive to take up the hobby. This set allows you to make a wide variety of woodcarvings.

The set includes a lapp knife, a precision carving knife, a spoon carving knife, and a spoon chisel.

C3, C4, SK2 ja K6L/15.

Precision carving knife:
Overall length: 165 mm
Handle length: 120 mm
Blade length: 40 mm
Blade height: 13 mm

Lapp knife:
Overall length: 200 mm
Handle length: 120 mm
Blade length: 80 mm
Blade height: 17 mm

Spoon carving knife:
Overall length: 170 mm
Diameter of blade arch: 30 mm
Handle length: 105 mm

Spoon chisel:
Overall length: 192 mm
Blade width: 15 mm
Handle length: 115 mm



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